Ventures like Supertech Astralis are reviving the commercial realty market

Supertech Astralis

 Supertech Astralis is the stunning creation of one of the eminent real estate companies. The introduction of such incredible ventures in the country has crafted the well stabled commercial real estate market. The growth of the both the sectors of real estate – residential and commercial are coming in demand as the market scenario is improving. The commercial ventures are being designed to enhance the working environment with the impact of modernity. Much of the contribution in the development of commercial sector has been from IT companies. The metropolitan cities like Noida, Bangalore, Delhi, etc have witnessed the immense growth in the commercial real estate sector. If we analyze the market scenario from the year 2005 to the year 2014, the realty market has undergone the perfect makeover representing the glorifying change. The commercial sector has boosted up with the fabrications like IT parks, various branches of the eminent companies and the ventures like Supertech Astralis. The report by real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield says that MNCs accounted for 35% of total commercial sales in the country in the first three months of 2014. Therefore, when analyzed, it was found that Multinational companies have benefitted to a great extent in the development of the commercial sector. Many of the eminent firms like Sanofi Aventis, Adobe, HoneywellSanDisk and Amazon have recently invested in the Indian real estate market for the office spaces.

Launch of Supertech Supernova Astralis is making the remarkable impact of mixed developments. The companies are coming up with the brilliant ideas of using the land for both commercial and residential places. Such developments have benefitted a lot to the investors. With the residential places around, the buyers are making their mind to take the retail spaces in the shopping arcades being planned. In many of the cities of the country, the retail spaces have been overcome by the demand of the affordable housing. But in the Regions of NCR, with the demand of affordable housing, the buyers are showing their great interest in the fascinating ventures like Supertech Astralis Noida. The places like Greater Noida and Noida Extension are still the remarkable locations that are boosting the commercial real estate sector.


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